Elliphant – ‘Living Life Golden’

Swedish contemporary artist Ellinor Olovsdotter (better known as Elliphant) has vaulted between different dance subgenres and has plateaued at Living Life Golden; a jagged album that is inconsistent in its quality. For the most part it is a respectable Electro Pop album but there are definite hiccups.

The opening track ‘Stepdown’ is far more docile than Elliphant’s regular style, it feels alien compared to the rest of the album. Her grainy disjointed vocals bluntly suggest: “Why don’t you just step down from your high?”. The track was produced by Joel Little who was abundantly involved in Lorde’s Heroine, yet the only comparison being both of their feisty personas.

The Swede jumps from intonations and tempos throughout, tracks from “Not Ready” to “Love Me Long” (feat Major Lazer and Gyptian) have a more reggae feel that I would advise Elliphant to stick to.

Regrettably I lose interest in the middle where it all gets a bit tedious. “Spoon Me” is a far more dance fuelled track, which is no surprise considering the Skrillex collaboration. A trippy base and shadowy sonics are fluent throughout the constant references of “spooning” and “touching the booty.”

The album ends on a high, there is an exotic jungle-like feel with the use of tribal drums and finally Elliphant is taking advantage of her raw Scandinavian vocals in the track “Living Life Golden”.

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