Fickle Friends @ The Joiners 19/02/16

Brighton quintet Fickle Friends wander insouciantly onto stage. Without even a hello they jump right into their latest single ‘Say No More’. With its groovy bass lines and infectiously catchy chorus it’s not long before it jolts everyone into a joyful frenzy.
Currently working with Killing Moon Records in the U.K. and Ghost Beach’s Crazy Heart Records in the U.S, the band are hoping to expand. The 80s-style synths and rhythms band is fronted by Natassja (Natti) Shiner with bassist Harry Herrington, guitarist Chris Hall and Sam Morris on drums.
Fickle Friends are currently thriving, their debut single ‘Swim’ gained almost 1 million plays on the band’s SoundCloud, they were featured in Billboard magazine, graced Bestival in 2015 and are set to play on Latutide Festival’s Lake Stage on July 17th this year.
When the first song ends the band then tries to chat to the crowd over an unhealthy clamour of buzzing leads. Natti tries her best to settle the mob naming us the rowdiest crowd they’ve had yet. Behind them in neon pink lights is their “Fickle Friends” in their staple font. They are certainly a band full of character, performing amongst a pack of beer and a pile of towels at their feet and sporting a retro 90s look of baseball caps.
After a few apologies they decide to solider on over the technical problem, playing a few of their new funkier songs: ‘Call’ and ‘Freak’, (a track that the band explain they had written recently in a farmhouse when they were losing their minds to boredom) and a few crowd pleasers: ‘Could Be Wrong’ and ‘Play’. They then take down the tempo. The light is brought down a notch and the navy light beams subtly glide over the stage. The musky sweet smell of light lamps and muggy ambiences contrast ‘Paris’. Natti’s vivacious floaty vocals grace the track and bring air to a stuffy venue.
It seems rare to find a new band have already developed an identity. The 1980s/90s vibe is fluent within their stage set up, the set list is written on the back of a piece of florescent pink paper slipped in the keyboard, matching the band’s staple colourful album covers, vibrant Instagram theme and the lead singer’s rosy pink hair.
Near to the end of the set they perform ‘Brooklyn’, this harvests the happiest, most bouncy mosh pit ever witnessed, it has the crowd raising their pints and jigging from side to side. The band possesses an ambience that instantly evokes a joyous mood.
They sing us out with ‘Swim’. A revitalising jazzy guitar poises the track throughout; the guitarist’s evident passion is contagious as he dances with his guitar as if they’re a duo. The energy of the band bounces off them onto the audience creating a colourful atmosphere to end the set.

The Indie-pop band consumes a laid-back approach that makes them more commendable. Even when multitasking a tambourine, shaker and synthesizer all in one song at times they still play to perfection. Listening to their songs through headphones doesn’t do them justice. Fickle Friends are definitely a band best appreciated live.

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