Princess Nokia – ‘1992 Deluxe’

Princess Nokia, also known as ‘Wavy Spice’ has just released a deluxe version of her 2016 album 1992. Nokia is evidently very fond of the 90s. “Growing up in the 90s was the coolest thing to me.” Says Nokia.

You’d be right in assuming that this is persistent throughout 1992. The first track of the album is ‘Bart Simpson’, an unusual song title that is going to intrigue listeners. The track begins with a delicate twinkle noise that fades into a school bell dissolving into Nokia’s rap. Lyrically it is full of attitude, being mischievous and feminism.  “I really like Marvel ’cause characters look just like me and women don’t have roles that make them look too sexually.” The tone of music could be compared to the likes of Kendrick Lamar, a tepid backing track with assured vocals.

She continues to challenge stereotypes and break down barriers, in ‘Tomboy’ the repetitive bridge “My little titties and my phat belly”. In recent interview with The Guardian, the New Yorker revealed that she was always a misfit – “not a typical clean-cut young lady, always a bit rough around the edges, always a bit messy.” (The Guardian, 2017)

The track ‘Goth Kid’, as the title may suggest, is ever so slightly sinister. It has everything you’d expect from the name, Psycho-esque violin screeches, mentions of Marilyn Manson and she likens herself to Wednesday Adams. The track is influenced by Nokia’s (real name, Destiny Frasqueri) childhood, she had a babysitter when she was younger who she has described as “the coolest person to be near” she remembered “watching her chain-smoke and listen to Rob Zombie.”

The album ends on a more playful note, the highly synthesized ultimate song on the album, ‘Chinese Slippers’ is catchy to say the least, due to chorus’ lyrics previously made famous by Fast Food Rockers years earlier, “Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut
McDonald’s, McDonald’s.”

Overall 1992 gives listeners an intense insight into Nokia’schildhood, from growing up in New York to being in foster care, it is presented with confidence and authenticity.

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