Why I Could Never Be A Full Time Blogger

I want to start by saying that I haven’t been given the opportunity to be a full time blogger. I have only been regularly updating my blog for the past few weeks, I like to think I can do anything I put my mind to but there are a few things stopping me from trying to make blogging my full time gig. Don’t get me wrong I love working on my blog and would absolutely love it to grow because I do put a lot of time and effort into it but I think it’s okay to not want to make a hobby (however much you may love it), a full time job.

It is also very important to mention that I think those who are full time bloggers are incredible. I love keeping up with my favourite bloggers and I am envious of their careers sometimes but I also do know how much hard work and dedication it takes.

I studied Journalism at uni and it was always suggested to me and my peers to create our own blog. My blog began with just being odd music reviews and interviews then I started branching out on subjects at the beginning of this year. In the past few weeks I have taken my blog a lot more seriously and I am dedicated to making it the best it can be.

So why wouldn’t I want to be a full time blogger? First of all, I don’t like to overshare.

I highly praise those bloggers who have that ‘nothing is off limits’ and ‘no topic too big’ view when it comes to blogging, but I’m just not like that. I’ve always been someone who only shares a lot with the people I’m closest with and it would make me uncomfortable to go into too much detail about topics in my life and share my opinion on risky subjects. However I personally love reading those blog posts that do do it, that content tends to be the ones I find most interesting, however much I love a simple beauty review.

I don’t want to share too much on my blog and social media, even if it is things that aren’t very deep. Don’t get me wrong I know some full time bloggers keep a good chunk of their personal life out of their blogging life but it does seem that those who do share a lot, tend to be the most successful. I actually have quite an ‘old-fashioned’ group of friends when it comes to social media. Not all of them have Instagram, none of them have twitter and not all of them have iPhones. I’m going to come out and say it, I sometimes feel silly taking pictures of my food in a restaurant, sometimes things are nice to enjoy without sharing it with social media and if I was a full time blogger I would be obliged to share everywhere I went and everyone I was with.

However, I am happy to do it on behalf of a company, I am pursuing a career in digital marketing and I love creating blog/social media content whether that’s writing or photography and I believe I have good knowledge of marketing and digital trends. It’s like I love doing it but not when it’s completely revolving around me.

I’m not the most confident person in front of a camera. Okay so again I know there are exceptions to this point (like all the points I’m making) some bloggers rarely show their face but with the large majority of bloggers, it is all about them. ‘Bloggers’ or ‘Influencers’ whatever you prefer to call them usually have a task to do, this is to influence their audience to buy something, that’s how they make a living. To do this these bloggers have to be influential in some way, a lot of this is done by posting picture after picture of themselves in beautiful outfits and sceneries. The common thing with most bloggers is that them, they are the brand, they are literally branding themselves so you can imagine you’re going to see their face a lot.

I like stability, in a lot of ways I am spontaneous but when it comes to my job I need to feel secure. I like to know how much money I will have at the end of the month and I’m not happy with that amount fluctuating often.

Social media can get a bit much sometimes, being a full time blogger, I can assume it is hard to switch off from social media, it is your platform for making your income. I know I just mentioned that I want to work in the digital world but I can switch off from it when I get home, because I only have to switch it back on when I want to.

I’d like to be able to switch off from work too, again doing it full time means you can never properly hang up your coat after a long hard day. You don’t have specific hours and if you want to grow, the more time you spend working the more likely you are to grow.

BUT, saying all of this, I don’t in any way want it to take away from my blog because I genuinely love doing it. I love photography and the whole creative process that comes with creating a photo for my blog or Instagram. I love writing and I love social media, (most of the time) it is a great way to get inspiration, share your creativity and to catch up with the latest news. I love the blogging community, one thing I’ve noticed is how supportive the community is, it is lovely to see so many people supporting each other.

A Day In The Life Of A Beauty PR Intern


How it started…

Back in June I applied online with a usual CV and cover letter, together with links to my social media and blog. I was then lucky enough to be invited for an interview in June where I was asked to create a content calendar for a weeks worth of Instagram posts. I came to the interview with my carefully thought out calendar and notes about the company and what I thought I could do to improve their social media. To my delight they loved my ideas and soon after the interview I was offered the position.

What it entailed…

My first day was the morning after my graduation, my journey began the same way it would everyday for the next 5 weeks. A 35 minute train ride and a short tube trail from Marylebone to Green Park. On a typical day I would arrive at my office building (Berkeley Square House) have a quick catch up with my colleagues then head over to the Boutique. Nails and Brows Mayfair is a high-end boutique specialising in a range of treatments and are home to their own brow products, Beauty Edit Mayfair. A big role of mine was to create content for the brand’s Instagram, so I would take photos in the boutique of pretty nails, videos of brow treatments and so on. Other than the random tasks like delivering a package to the oh so elegant Fortnum and Mason, I would oversee the social media engagement or perhaps design content on Canva. Sometimes I would use Hootsuite to schedule posts and get an insight into statistics, but this is just to name a few.

My internship has now comes to an end, no more passing by The Ritz every morning, no more popping into Joe & the Juice on my lunch break and no more getting squished on the tube. Above all else I had a lot of fun working at Nails and Brows, it was a lovely environment to work in and everyone was so helpful. Each day I arrived at the office I was excited to see what I would be doing because no day was ever the same.

The questions people may ask…Is it paid?  No, unfortunately most internships aren’t paid. How did you afford it? Nails & Brows contributed towards my travel and lunch, I live around 30/40 minutes away from London. Is there a job a the end? No, they didn’t have a vacancy available, the team was very small and I was made aware pretty early on that I wasn’t guaranteed permanent employment at the end of it. What did I get out of it? Besides confidence and experience, I gained contacts in the industry and a reference from my boss.

What now?

I am now looking for a permanent digital marketing role, Nails and Brows made me realise that not only was this sector something I thoroughly enjoyed, but also gave me the confidence to believe it is something I do really well. Wish me luck!

If you have any more questions please leave me a comment below 🙂

My Interior Lust List

I have recently moved into my new bedroom, walls are painted and carpet is fitted and  I’m now looking for decorative pieces. I love anything related to interiors and decor and I know I’m not the only one so I wanted to share a few things I have my eye on at the moment. I am going to do a blog post about my bedroom renovation from start to finish in the next few weeks as well so look out for that if it is something that takes your fancy.

Sass & Belle Boho Wall Hanging

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 19.05.10

My style could be described as classy boho, I like a few odd hippie-esque pieces here and there but I don’t like to overdo it. I still want my bedroom to look clean and sophisticated so little details like this are exactly what I am looking for to introduce some little artsy pieces.  £16

H&M Yellow/Floral Duvet Set

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 19.10.32

My current duvet set is made up of blue, mint and pink pastel stripes, it works well with my room but I think it may be a bit matchy-matchy with the walls. I am a big fan of neutrals and I think this bed set will add warmth to the space (especially as it’s edging into Autumn.) £39.99

Robert Dyas Gold/Ivory Table Lamp 

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 19.11.19

I don’t know about everyone else but Robert Dyas isn’t the place that comes into my head when I think of where to buy pretty lamps but after simply searching “gold lamps” (I’m a sucker for gold) into Google, this popped up and at £12.00, down from £50.00, I was sold.

IKEA Bedside Table

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 19.25.36

Not the most exciting of items on the list but you can’t go wrong with IKEA furniture and this tidy table will do the trick. It will serve as a home for my bedside lamp, a few magazines and a cup of tea in the morning. £50.00

ZARA White Flower Photo Frame

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 19.28.56

The majority of the photo frames I have now (mostly from TK Maxx) I just don’t like much anymore. I love chunky frames like these ones and I thought the design was really unique and feminine. I don’t intend on spending this much on all my new frames though (this is £19.99), I recently bought a lovely frame from Dunelm for £3.

Diptyque Paris Baies Candle

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 19.33.22

This candle is a blogger’s heaven, for one it is very instagramable and if you’re a “real blogger” you’ll have this. I’m half joking. Not only does this look pretty but it smells A-MAZING. The Berries scent is my favourite. £26.00

Anthropology Poppy Coasters


Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 19.37.35

I wanted a lot more on the Anthropologie website than just these, but I have to pay my rent too. For me coasters are essential, there is nothing more annoying that those round tea marks on your furniture. I love coasters that each have a different colour/pattern and again I’m a sucker for the gold detailing. £6.95 each

Jo Malone Pear & Freesia Candle

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 20.09.02

Ah another blogger favourite, they just look so pretty on your dresser or bedside table. They also smell incredible, nothing too sickly or dull like a lot of candles, and another great thing about luxury candles like these is they last forever. £45.00

My 4 Favourite Products For Glowy Skin, Shimmery Eyes and Glossy Nails

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset



A dewy complexion seems to be the preferred finish now, and it’s easy to see why. Dewy skin excuses youth, health and vibrancy.  To achieve a glowy base I have two favourites.

Illuminator – ICONIC LONDON

How I Use It:  I use the shade ‘Shine’, a pale, pink-toned colour on my face for nighttime looks. I apply the highlighter on my cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow and blend it in with my fingers, I found using a beauty blender got rid of too much product.

Price: £30 (but there are always influencers promoting it and offering discount codes, so look out for them!)

L’oreal Paris True Match Highlighter Liquid Glow 

How I Use It: I use the shade ‘Icy Glow’, (it also comes in Golden Glow, if you want a more bronzey highlight.) I apply this to my skin almost every day, I put this on my cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow, (it also works well as an all over primer.) This product is great if you don’t want to wear much makeup but still want to look refreshed and can also be applied to the brow bone to accentuate the eye area.

Price: £8.99 (But! Feel Unique is offering it at 30 % off at the moment)



Urban Decay Moondust Glitter

How I Use It: I use this in the shade Cosmic, a very pale nude tone. I put this on at night time when I want to add some glitz and glamour to my makeup look. Depending on the style I’m going for, I either put it all over the lid or just on the brow bone. This highly pigmented shadow is very easy to apply, it feels like a cream but goes on like a powder.

Price: £16



Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

This shiny nail varnish shade is stunning. In some lights it appears more pink and in others more silver. Not only does it make your nails look beautiful but it nourishes them too because it is infused with organ oil to give instant moisture to your nails.

Price: £8.99


What are your favourite products to achieve that glow for head to toe? I’d love to know so please tell me in the comments!

A Day at Champney’s Tring



9am – Breakfast

A couple of weeks ago, (as a graduation gift from my sister) I encountered my very first spa day. We arrived in the morning for our complimentary breakfast at around 9am, the buffet was full of pretty plates and even prettier prepared food. The dishes ranged from figs and cream cheese to bitesized granola and yogurt parfaits.

10am – Zumba

In regards to the fitness classes, they ranged from aqua aerobics to legs, bums and tums classes. The majority of the classes were free with the exception of a few. It was my first time doing a Zumba class and while it was far more intense than I had anticipated, it was also far more fun too. We were laughing almost the entire duration of the class, (60 mins).


11:30am – Tea

After the Zumba session, we needed to refuel with tea and cake. We sat in the sun in our white robes and slippers munching on delicious snacks, (I would highly recommend the carrot cake and the banana cake.) We then had a little stroll around the grounds and laid on the sun loungers.

12:00 – Relax

It was then time to take full advantage of the spa facilities. We took a dip in the pool and jacuzzi before dozing off on the water beds.

13:30 – Lunch

Champney’s is a health spa, so the buffet was clearly very healthy. There were lots of options for food (especially if you’re vegan or veggie). The buffet was full of lots of healthy carb varieties, veggies with some lean fish, chicken breast, tofu and more. Pudding was a choice of fruit, healthy crumble or yogurt (or both, you could get as much as you liked.)


15:00 – Jumpa

A little while after lunch, we decided to participate in another exercise class. Jumpa consisted of HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuits involving mini trampolines, the class lasted 1 hour.


17:00 – Facials

Facials are not included in the price of the day and you do need to pay extra for them, our facials were around £45 each. This involved a small face, neck, hand and arm massage for circulation followed by the therapist using a range of 5 – 10 Champneys products on your skin. This included a toner, moisturiser and exfoliator. At the end of the facial the therapist also gives you a skin consultation.


Overall I left the spa (at 18:00) feeling refreshed and revitalised, as expected. What was different was the amount the spa offered as part of the day package and the variety of activities and facilities available. I would highly recommend Champney’s Tring.