Why Writing Skills Are Vital To A PR Role

Due to my recent change in my career aspirations, I have spoken to various PR professionals about the difficulty of a transition from Journalism to Public Relations, (read my blog post about it here.) Every single one of them mentioned the transition being simple due to one vital skill both industries have in common: writing. Why is this?

1. Press Releases

The staple task of most PR professionals,  they are short, factual news stories written in the third person and given to the media to encourage editors/journalists/broadcasters to feature the story in their publications and programmes. A press release is not very forgiving when it comes to grammar/spelling errors and it must be clear and concise. If you can’t write clearly, put the story into context and write a newsworthy headline, your press release will get little to no attention.

2. Communication

PR is all. About. Communication. As well as verbal, written communication is vital. Whether it’s in an email to a client or a blog post, you must communicate your message clearly. You can’t expect something to gain publicity if your audience is unsure about what you’re trying to tell them.

3. Social Media

Social Media is a vital platform to many industries today, and PR is no different. With social media, when writing you should be asking questions, maybe use extra punctuation, avoid abstract titles and tell people what to expect.

4. Writing Styles

You should know how to adapt your writing style for different platforms. Brands can be a large part of PR, let’s say the brand you’re representing has a very specific personality, it is important to adapt your writing style to fit theirs. The way you email should be different to how you do a press release and so on.

Also, if like me, you have got into the habit of writing academic essays, practise writing in a more concise style, make your writing sound as if you’re talking to someone. Practise this by writing blog posts for example.

Writing styles also come in styles that can vary on different platforms: expository, descriptive, narrative and persuasive.

5. Persuasion

Many will argue, the most important writing style in PR is persuasion. Often your role will be to persuade: persuade journalists to write an article about your artist or product, persuade a radio to give your band some air time, persuade clients you are the right person to work with. Most of this is achieved through effective writing techniques.





The Magic Gang @ The Old Fire Station 04/02/18

Brighton quartet The Magic Gang, (who are regularly compared to 90s band Weezer) performed at the quirky Old Fire Station in Bournemouth last night.

The band have recently announced a March tour beginning in Birmingham on 22nd March, before calling off in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol and London. They are also going to be featured on BBC Radio 1 tonight at 7:30pm with Annie Mac with their new single ‘Getting Along’.

The men stroll onto the humble stage, holding out for a hello. After an unrecognisable track to open the show, the second song ‘All This Way’ grabs the crowd and causes a happy sing-song.

After the third song ‘Only Waiting’, from their 2016 EP, the band stop for a short beer break and chat with the audience. (Rhythm guitar and vocals) Jack Kaye asks how everyone is doing and queries if it’s okay that they play a few new songs for us.

The new track, ‘Getting Along’ (that is due to release tomorrow) is slightly heavier than previous releases, still The Magic Gang have managed to find the harmonious balance between rock and pop with a generous splash of soul.

The further into the set they get, it is clear to see they’re not just bandmates, but real mates. They all met when they were 16 or 17, Paeris Giles (drums) and Kristian Smith (lead guitar and vocals) were previously in a two piece band together. The band perform like they’re having the time of their lives, Smith and Kaye regularly chose to share one microphone and and face each other whilst playing, instead of the audience. The giggles and carefree attitude became contagious to the audience.

Succeeding the 8th or 9th song of the night, the band announce that they are going to treat us to some new songs (that haven’t yet been released) and reveal that we are the first crowd to hear them.

After a few new tunes and even more older crowd-pleasers, the band pay their thanks and inform us that the next song will be their last. They sing us out with ‘All That I Want Is You’, pints are no longer kept tight in hands and the youthful mob falls into a frenzy.

Like a lot of shows with loyal fans, when the band finishes the crowd finds it hard to accept. As the men left the stage a “one more song!” chant broke out, usually this tactic is unsuccessful but surprisingly the guys return to the stage, showcasing their loyalty to fans and perform their 2015 hit ‘No Fun’.

The venue (that opened in 1995) feels like the perfect spot for The Magic Gang to perform before setting off for their UK tour. Now living in Brighton, the band are all originally from Bournemouth and host a 90s-like persona (music and style). The Old Fire Station is a modest yet special venue, with its unique architecture and interesting decor, fitting to a band who are humble yet distinctive and captivating.

Two Skincare Products I Can’t Live Without

Today I am talking about my top two favourite skincare products of all time. The first is the Ultra Facial Cream by Kiehl’s. I have been using this product for just under a year now and I won’t be changing my moisturiser any time soon.

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone can use this product, it is made for all skin types. My skin is combination, it gets oily in places and dry in others. My skin is also sensitive, this cream doesn’t upset it.


50ml : £24.50

125ml : £45.00

Does it last?

I replace this moisturiser once every 3 months and I use it twice a day. (I buy the 50ml)


It seems to have calmed my skin, it is free from harsh chemicals or fragrances and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily, despite the rich creamy texture. I can tell I am using better quality ingredients on my face.


Antarcticine (Glacial Glycoprotein Extract) – it further helps to protect skin from extremely cold temperatures, facilitating skin’s retention of natural water reserves.

Imperata Cylindrica (Desert Plant Extract) – helps skin to store and retain moisture efficiently – even in the driest weather conditions.

Squalane (Perhydrosqualene or perhydrosqualene vegetal) –  helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.


I love a luxury face cream but sometimes fancy packaging isn’t practical. This Kiehl’s cream comes in either a 50ml or 125ml plastic container, it is lightweight, clean and small enough to travel with.


The second product I can’t live without is Ginzing by Origins. I was gifted this eye cream over Christmas and admittedly I haven’t been using it for long but it’s been a must in my skincare routine recently.

Who is it for?

All skin types. Specifically if you get either puffy, dry or dark under eyes.


50ml : £25.00

Does it last?

I have been using this product twice a day (morning and evening) every day since Christmas and i’m not even a quarter of the way through.


Like the name suggests, it ‘zings’ your under eyes awake with its cooling solution. It wakes me up in the morning and de-puffs and brightens my eyes. At night I use it before bed so my eyes look fresher the next morning. Overall I can say I have noticed a change to the darkness of my eye bags.


Active ingredient are coffee (hence why it wakes you up and lemon peel.

(full ingredient list) https://www.origins.co.uk/product/15352/42745/skincare/moisturise/moisturiser/ginzing/ultra-hydrating-energy-boosting-cream


This eye cream comes in a 50ml pot, but don’t be fooled by the small-scale because a little does go a long way! (and is very travel friendly too). The vibrant orange packaging will brighten up any makeup bag.


What are your skin care must haves? Let me know below!